Anime Review: Ouran High School Host Club.

28 December 2015; 7:26 pm

Anime. The word that gets some people excited and happy, and others mad and disgusted. Now is not the time to directly notice the haters of a popular form of entertainment, now is the time to review a popular anime, Ouran High School Host Club.

Warning: Spoilers for the show are present.

ouran high school host club

This is a beautiful show that shows how gender roles aren’t necessary. We need to know what the Host club is first; The Host club is a group of boys who spend their free time entertaining young girls, for a fee of course. Back to the gender thing, this show follows student; Haruhi Fujioka in her studies at Ouran Acadamy. She’s a poor student attending the school on a scholarship. Her main goal at the school is study, pass, and become an attorney like her deceased mother. It’s been ten years since Haruhi’s mother passed. As Haruhi courses through the school for a place to study, she discovers a room under the label; “Music room 3.” Haruhi assumes it’s empty and enters to discover the Host Club. Haruhi isn’t dressed like other girls attending the school, she actually looks like a guy. Because she looks like a guy, the leader of the club, Tamaki, thinks Haruhi”s gay.

Haruhi is in shock and backs up into an 8,000,000 yen ($66,077.5200 ) vase. The vase breaks and now She owes the host club for breaking the vase. Being poor, she doesn’t have the money to pay so it. So Haruhi must pay in a different way; with her body. No it’s not prostitution, she has to be a host until her dept is paid off.

They clean her up to make her look presentable, like the other boys. Progressively, the boys from the club start to realize Haruhi isn’t a boy. Last to realize it is Tamaki, who finally finds out Haruhi is a girl when he sees her changing.

Anyways, that’s just the first episode for short. Overall the shows really funny. It becomes self aware and knows its a romantic teen comedy where Tamaki and Haruhi are the two love interests. It’s so cute but heartbreaking at the same time. For crying out loud, the theme song is kiss kiss fall in love, not fall off a bridge fall in love.

It’s a romantic teen comedy. This is one of the greatest shows out there.

There so much more to be known at the end of the first season. Fans everywhere are waiting for season two. We can’t help it.

The Characters:

Tamaki was stupid but charming; hes the prince type. The hitachiin twins (Hikaru and Kaoru) were cute and awesome with their taboo love for each other; the little devils type. Mitsukuni Haninozuka (honey senpai) was adorable with his little charm; the lolita type. Takashi (Mori senpai) is partners and best friends with honey, being a duo in the club; the strong silent type. Kyouya is the business manager, sassy and sarcastic, the cool type. And Haruhi completes their club by being a natural host.

Simple review for the anime I love most. I give it a 9/10. (One point off on account of the ending.)

I know this isn’t the best review but I want to write reviews. Thanks for reading.


Its been a while.

Ironically, i couldn’t update every other Friday as i planned. With school and after school activities going on, I haven’t had free time to write and update my blog. I do plan to write an article about roller derby soon. I hope that seems interesting.

High School for Starters

Hello fellow teen girls and bloggers. It’s Girly, Welcome back to my blog, I want to talk about becoming a freshman. Yes, I am a freshman in high school this year. So I decided to wait a while before posting just to keep getting info on high school.

high school

These are some thoughts I had or got after starting school. If people are mentioned, their names have been changed to protect their identities.


The Truth about Popularity

High school is a challenging time for some and a breeze to others. Popularity is #1 priority at this time for most people. But what’s the point of that? In four years, you’re probably never going to see these people again; well, until the 10 or 20 year reunion. Come on kids, focus on school right now. Popularity isn’t important, grades are. Popularity lasts 4 years,  the knowledge you get from grades and schooling, that lasts a long time.

Leaving School to be a Daddy?

I started school the 19th of August.. A ton of students that were with me last year in 8th grade have either: A. Went to another school. or B. Dropped out. I heard about this one student dropping out. I’d like to mention one person in particular; let’s call him, Jeff. I’ve known Jeff since 6th or 7th grade. Jeff is what you call a “player.” He occasionally went to the next town over to sleep with random girls. Knowing this; his buddies often mentioned he had STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) from not wearing protection. Okay, hold up. Usually in Sex Ed, they’ll tell you to wear a condom to prevent STDs and STIs, he failed at that. So to most people, including me, it wasn’t a surprise that ended up getting a girl pregnant. . . Last year. He found out about his child this year, moved schools to be closer to his kid. Let’s look at this again; this kid, is a dad. 14 years old and has a child. Now, I’m not 100% sure if this rumor is true, but multiple sources (including his best friends) say it’s true.


Yeah, classes are chaotic. For me, classes alternate each day. Mondays we have a full schedule, all 8 classes. Other days, we have 4 classes, they switch every other day of course. But it gets confusing. You end up looking like a dope because you walk into the wrong class, at the wrong time, on the wrong day. When that bell rings for passing periods, beware; you will be late, and it will suck. Everyone blocks the hallways. You have to be assertive in the halls or no one will move. People will show PDA (Public Display of Affection) and act totally cool about it. Yeah, you have a boyfriend you really care about, that’s great, but could you not kiss in the middle of the hallway while I’m trying to get to my class? That would be great.

Being a Freshman vs Upper Classman

You know what else would be good? If people would stop calling me “Freshie.” Yes, I’m new to the school and I have a name. Don’t look at me and say, “Hey freshie, move.”  It’s been nearly a month at school and they still call me Freshie. Please, just stop.


Dating is a huge thing in high school. If you don’t have a boy/girlfriend, that’s great. If you do have one, that’s great too. Just please, no PDA. I know you “love” your boyfriend right now but don’t kiss them in front of me. I need to get to class. Right now, you’re SO (Significant Other) maybe the most important thing right now, that’s great to you; but people don’t want to see it. Don’t cuddle in a corner of the hallway, just go to class. Your SO can wait. Dating is a fun experience, I’ll admit that, but perpetrate love life from your work life. Just some advice.

Final Thoughts So Far. . .

High School is a decent place so far. The friends you have make up for the crappy days you might have. Though high school is four years, have fun while it lasts. I know, for some people (like me) you’re stuck in classes for 8 hours with people you don’t like. That’s okay, you have people in your personal life hat help make up for it. Friends and clubs could be the right combination to help you be happy during this time. You only get this experience once, better enjoy it while it lasts.

Hey Guys, Welcome to My Blog

8/12/2015 10:55

My name is Girly, my whole goal for this blog is to give teen girls important info in the world. I’m personally tired of looking at teen tabloids telling me about how important guys are for a 14 year. To them, it’s important that I know which Disney celebrity is dating which and what type of candy I am. Since I’m apart of the future generation, I need to know how politics work.

This blog is supposed to be fun and creative. A teen girls POV on the world. Some topics will be serious such as, Women in Politics and The Gender Wage Gap. Other topics will be more fun and less serious such as, Anime Reviews, Modern Song Lyric Checks, and Make up For Young Girls.

As a growing girl going into high school soon, I need to branch out and learn about what’s going on and Important in this world. I need some basic tips to survive life with a smile on my face knowing how everything works. I don’t want to worry a couple years down the line worrying about how taxes work.

If you have any topics you want to talk about, Just comment below